Professional writers who have made a significant contribution to the conservation of land, wilderness, and the natural world as evidenced by the wide publication of books, articles, stories, writings, or cartoons in established media (including electronic media) over a long period of time.

Associate membership is open to writers who either have not had many articles, books, stories, cartoons and other writings published in established media or have been writing on conservation for only a short time.

Academic membership is open to university and government scientists, professors, and students who have written in the fields of land conservation, wilderness or the natural world.

After reviewing a submission for membership, a Membership Committee will determine what category in which to place a potential member.

If you have not heard from ILCW regarding your membership application, please contact Patty at the email address listed below. We know of at least one person who had trouble with the application form not taking the information. If this has happened to you please submit your application information to patty@fulcrumpublishinginc.com.
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ILCW Membership Application

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If you would like to become a member of the International League of Conservation Writers, please fill in your information below. You will be contacted once the Membership Committee has reviewed your application.

If this Application Form is not performing as expected, please contact patty@fulcrumbooks.com.

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