The International League of Conservation Writers is a forum to bring writers together from around the world who are writing to promote wilderness, nature, conservation, or using other means to protect and restore the natural areas, habitats, animals, and plants of our planet. ILCW will present periodic writing awards to authors who excel in this field.


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100 Years of Nature Conservation

This 17 minute documentary film tells the story of The Wildlife Trusts from its inception as the Society for the Promotion of Nature Reserves in 1912 under the leadership of Charles Rothschild, to the birth of the local conservation movement after WWII, through its dramatic growth in the 1960s, to the present day. The film visits locations such as Skomer, Loch of the Lowes, Brockholes, Flamborough Head, Woodwalton Fen and Ballynahone Bog. It also uses archive footage from Trusts, the BBC and other sources. Interviewees include Sir David Attenborough, Prof Aubrey Manning, Simon King, Ted Smith, Stephanie Hilborne, Hilary Benn MP and trustees, staff and volunteers from around the Trusts. The film is narrated by the actor Sam West, directed by Sarah Pitt and produced by Environment Films.

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International League of Conservation Writers

Writing to inspire the love of nature and a passion for its protection.

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July 30-August 13, 2016

Peru: From the Concrete Jungle to the
Amazon Jungle.

Led by David Lind0o, The Urban Birder.


Sept. 18-25, 2016

Extremadura, Spain: Bustards, Sandgrouse and Vultures!

Led by David Lindo, The Urban Birder and Extremadur-based Martin Kelsey.


September 23-29, 2016

ILCW Boyd Norton Photography Workshop at the famous Absaroka Ranch near Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks (US).

For more information

Sept. 30-Oct. 7, 2016

Autumnal Portugal: Lisbon Estuaries, Alentejo and Algarve Regions.

Led by David Lindo, The Urban Birder and Joao Jara.


Sept. 30-Oct. 11, 2016

A 12-day Peruvian Adventure for
Woman Writers

Space is limited to 12 women

Discover the Sacred Valley, Patacancha, Cusco, and Machu Picchu. Watch the nimble fingers of the women weavers with their vibrant strands of wool. Open the pages of your journal and weave your own tapestry with word. Travel with ILCW member Page Lambert. To find more information about the trip click here.

Oct. 5-7, 2016

European Wilderness Academy Days, Uzhhorod, Western Ukraine

The event hopes to raise awareness for wilderness protection. Topics of focus: Old-Growth Beech Forest—Threats and opportunities; Sustainable Tourism in the Carpathians—Saving wilderness through tourism; Wild Rivers—the next frontier; Ukraine—Nature conservation between Post-Soviet and Pre-European legislation; Ranger wilderness education in Europe—best practices; and more. For more information click here.

Photo Tours Announced byBoyd Norton

ILCW co-founder and  fellow Boyd Norton has announced three photography workshops in the coming year.

In Wyoming, at the famous Absaroka Ranch near Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, he has workshops:

September 23-29, 2016. The September workshop has one space left (maximum of 12 participants)

In January 2017 he has another Tanzania photo safari scheduled, January 31- February 12, 2017. This marks his 32nd year of his very popular Tanzania photo tours.

Also scheduled for October 2017  is a photo tour in  Chile of the Lakes Region and Patagonia, including Torres del Paine National Park.

Boyd is the recipient of the prestigious Ansel Adams Award for Conservation Photography, presented to him in September 2015 by the Sierra Club president. He is the author and photographer of 17 books, including Serengeti: The Eternal Beginning (Fulcrum, 2011) and Conservation Photography Handbook: How to Save the World One Photo at a Time (Amherst Media, 2016) both of which received high praise from Jane Goodall and others.

Boyd has been conducting his highly popular photography workshops for 43 years. His workshops have spanned the globe and have included Galapagos Islands, Kenya, Botswana, Rwanda, Siberia, Alaska, Antarctica, Peru, Borneo, Bali, Belize and numerous locales in North America. For information on his scheduled workshops and others planned contact him.




ILCW now on Facebook

ILCW members, please check out the ILCW Facebook page and add content. Tell us what you are working on, what changes you see in the area of conservation (good and bad) in your area, include news from you: have you recently won any awards or accolades? Have you recently published a new book or article or perhaps finished a piece of art, performance piece, photo that glorifies the natural world? This page is for you, please enjoy and generate interest in ILCW and what we do.

ILCW facebook


Looking for Creative People Who Appreciate Nature

Do you have a friend or a colleague who is passionate about Nature and believes that we should protect what we have for future generations? ILCW welcomes all creative people (not just writers) who use their talent to bring awareness to the plight of our natural world. Have them apply to be an ILCW member at


Do you have news?

Let us know if you have won an award, written a new book, or launched a creative endeavor to bring awareness to conservation. Chances are the ILCW membership is not aware of these things, so be sure and tell us. Send items to:



Call for Writing

Proximity Magazine's 2016 Prize Issue Theme is Inside / Out. True stories should explore what it means to be inside and outside, whether in political or social issues, culture, sub-culture, or any other way of feeling inside / outside in America or the world. Essays (2,000 - 6,000 words or 500 words for flash) should have a strong sense of place. Deadline is August 1. Contest fee and full guidelines (as well as guidelines for the Personal Essay and Narrative Journalism prizes) are here.   

The Fourth River's spring 2017 issue has the special theme of juvenescence (aka the state or period of being young​). What does it mean to be young in urban or rural, natural or human-made environments, and how can we celebrate the ways that places shape who we become? Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and visual art are welcome. Deadline is September 1 (general submissions are also open for prose, poetry, and art focusing on nature and place), and full guidelines are here

Kudzu House Quarterly (formerly the Kudzu Review) is looking for creative and/or scholarly writing focused on our place in a "post-natural" world. From the guidelines: "...Show us the “new-nature” with your place, post-colonial, eco-travel, post-gender, and activist writing. Give us new takes on what “natural” even means...Cast new light on rapid species extinction, climate change, food production, technology, sustainability and community. Make us laugh; make us cry. Show us what it means to exist in an ecosystem, a biosphere. Most of all, inspire us; give us hope." Deadline is September 1 for the winter issue and full guidelines are here

Lumina Journal is looking for fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art for an issue dedicated to Borders and Boundaries, whether travel, immigration, maps, gender, sexuality, love, race, the physical body, prisons, rules, fences, the interior vs. the exterior...and any other way of interpreting this theme. Deadline is September 15 and full guidelines are here.

Scarlett Tanager Books is looking for ecopoetry for an anthology dedicated to California's species, habitats, and ecosystems. Poems should be ecologically accurate but also have historical, emotional, political, spiritual, or philosophic content that celebrates California's landscapes while also documenting destruction and change. Deadline is September 16 and full guidelines are here

Thank you for this information to: Adrienne Ross Scanlan, ILCW member (USA), at the Blue Lyra Review.



Book Announcement

Tristimania: A Diary of Manic Depression

By Jay Griffiths

New from Hamish Hamilton (UK) and Counterpoint (USA) Tristimania by ILCW member (UK) Jay Griffiths tells the story of a devastating year-long episode of manic depression. It seeks to record the experience of a condition which is at once terrifying and profoundly creative, both tricking and treating the psyche. In exploring its literary influence, the book examines the Trickster role, and looks at Shakespeare's work for deft and telling descriptions, tracing the mercuriality of manic depression through the character of Mercury. Griffiths is the author of author of Wild: An Elemental Journey, A Sideways Look at Time, Anarchipelago, A Love Letter from a Stray Moon, and Kith: The Riddle of the Childscape

“Griffiths invites us to follow her down the rabbit hole of the human mind, stretching back centuries to show how the world, our own psyche and language are all deeply connected. Her unique gift of language and wit are utterly captivating.”

-- Nikolai Fraiture, The Strokes

“A book of terrible beauty; a dazzling testament to the moral and literary power of brokenness. I cried, shivered, and then laughed in gratitude for Griffiths's sheer bloody nerve.”

-- Charles Foster

Off Grid and Free: My Path to the Wilderness

By Ron Melchiore

New from Moon Willow Press, Off Grid and Free: My Path to the Wilderness, is about the journey Ron Melchiore undertook as a young man from the city, who first homesteaded in northern Maine and then lived in the bush of northern Saskatchewan. Living off grid since 1980 Melchiore speaks candidly about the joys and tribulations of his chosen lifestyle. He shares the diversity of his experiences in an easy-to-read, humorous, and sometimes harrowing narrative that includes hiking the 2,100 mile Appalachian Trail in winter, bicycling across the United States, homesteading off grid, and the terror of being surrounded by a wildfire and surprise encounters with bears, and more. Melchiore hopes to inspire others to “take the road less traveled.” He and his wife Johanna have lived off grid for many decades and currently reside in their Saskatchewan wilderness home that they built themselves. They rely on solar energy, a wind turbine, and growing their own vegetables. More information is available here.




Bittu Sahgal Wins True Legend Award

The True Legend Award is bestowed upon a person who has contributed his or her life to protect our environment. At last week’s Nature InFocus Awards 2016 Bittu Sahgal, editor of Sanctuary Asia Magazine, was honored with the first True Legend Award at Nature InFocus 2016 held in Bengaluru, India July 8-9. Bittu is also a member of ILCW. Our heartiest congratulations!




New VAT to Hamper Safari Tourism in Tanzania

As of July 1st Tanzania instated a new value-added-tax of 18% that went into effect on travel services that had been previously exempt from the tax. As a result, tourists who had booked and paid for their trips are now being asked for more money to cover the new tax on things like entry into the national parks and accommodations. This change could damage an important source of revenue for Tanzania.

The surprise was in the short notice given by the Tanzania government to the safari industry and tourists. One safari operator said they were notified of the new VAT on June 23. Some park authorities haven’t had enough time to implement the charges and provide adequate receipts. While others are concerned that the additional tax will price Tanzanian safaris out of the marketplace and that tourists will go elsewhere for better deals.

Serengeti Watch reports that “Members of the Tanzanian Tour Operators Association have reported that 8,000 tourists have so far cancelled their planned trips due to the tax. They point out it will cost tourists 25% more than similar destinations and result in a drop in tourism revenue. A group of travel agents in the EU warn that it could cut numbers of European tourists to Tanzania by 50 per cent. This would mean two trillion shillings in lost revenue, about $89 million.”

Most likely the smaller lodges, safari groups and tour operators will be the ones to suffer as they cannot absorb large numbers of cancellations.


Tigers in the Backyard

A film from the Last Wilderness Foundation, India

Tigers and man have existed together in India for many years, but the need for space and sharing of resources has led to a slight imbalance, thereby frequenting the conflict scenario between the two. Communication and interaction with the villagers has helped form an invisible bridge and a relatively visible communication channel between the Forest department and villagers. This initiative started by Last Wilderness Foundation (LWF) 4 years ago, has led to a smoother management of conflict situations in the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. This communication channel has also helped in sensitising the villagers and children towards the biodiversity that exists around them and helps them regain the ownership, which otherwise they feel is lost in the struggle for conservation. Apart from conservation outreach, LWF also engages in training programmes for the Forest Department to help equip them with the necessary management skills. To further the cause of awareness; LWF has also developed conservation education materials which helps maintain touch points with the villagers. For more information about the Last Wilderness Foundation, click thelastwilderness and bhavnamenon.blogspot


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