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The International League of Conservation Writers is a forum to bring writers together from around the world who are writing to promote wilderness, nature, conservation, or using other means to protect and restore the natural areas, habitats, animals, and plants of our planet. ILCW will present periodic writing awards to authors who excel in this field.


ILCW Members Are Eligible to Use  David R. Brower Office for Conservation Writing

Come write, do research, and be near wild and protected areas in Colorado while working in the David R. Brower Office of Conservation Writing. Sit at the same desk used by Dave Brower. There is no cost to use the office.
If interested apply here.

  “What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we aredoing to ourselves and to one another.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

ILCW Member News

Sanjay Gubbi wins Whitley “Green Oscar” Award

Sanjay Gubbi (ILCW member, India), was awarded the Whitley Award on May 18 at The Royal Geographical Society in London. Gubbi is a scientist with the Nature Conservation Foundation in India, and has helped expand the protected area network in Karnataka, India, a state that is home to the highest number of Royal Bengal Tigers in India. He has also worked with the Forest Department to reduce habitat fragmentation and increase connectivity between forests, and has helped institute social security and welfare measures for forest watchers and guards.

The Princess Royal and 2017 Whitley Awards recipient Sanjay Gubbi, India, at The Royal Geographical Society, London, 18th May 2017.
Photo courtesy of Whitley Fund for Nature.

Sanjay Gubbi has worked to expand protected areas in Karnataka, India.
Photo courtesy of Whitley Fund for Nature.

Since 1994, the Whitley Fund for Nature, a UK-based charity, has been presenting the Whitley Award — popularly called the Green Oscars — to individuals in recognition of “their achievements in nature conservation.” This year, the award recipients include six conservationists chosen from a pool of over 166 applicants from all over the world. Each of these conservationists have spent years trying to devise innovative ways of protecting species at risk of extinction and securing critical habitats. At an awards ceremony held May 18 at the Royal Geographic Society in London, each of the six winners received £35,000 ($46,000) in project funding to help scale up their work.

The winners include Purnima Barman from India, Sanjay Gubbi from India, Alexander Blanco from Venezuela, Indira Lacerna-Widmann from Philippines, Ian Little from South Africa and Ximena Velez-Liendo from Bolivia.

Zafer Kizilkaya, a 2013 Whitley Award winner from Turkey, received this year’s Whitley Gold Award for his conservation project “Guardians of the sea: securing and expanding marine reserves along the Turkish coastline”. The Whitley Gold Award is given to an “exceptional Whitley Award alumnus for outstanding contribution”. The Gold Award includes £50,000 ($65,000) in project funding, donated by the Friends and Scottish Friends of the Whitley Fund for Nature. For more information click here.
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Film about Fracking available on iTunes

Jon Bowermaster (ILCW member, USA) announces Dear President Obama his film about fracking is now available on iTunes. The film is a direct appeal to all elected officials to carefully consider the growing evidence proving that hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas is hardly the path to energy independence that many promote. The film takes a trans-USA look at fracking, highlighting its variety of contaminations, the stories of its victims, the false promise of an economic boom, with a focus on energy solutions that would allow us to proceed towards an energy future that does not rely on yet another dirty fossil fuel extraction process. Interviews with scientists, economists, geologists and whistle-blowers will provide the core information we hope will convince the current President and those that will follow to join the "anti-fracking" majority that is growing across the United States. You’ll see some fossil fuel mistakes and renewable energy success stories that Jon and the film’s narrator Mark Ruffalo encounter across the United States. See film trailer here. You can pre-order on the iTunes app. Available May 30 to rent or buy.

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Lion Translocation Inspired
by Film

A pride of three wild lion (two females and one male) are currently being introduced into the Somkhanda Community Game Reserve in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa from the andBeyond Phinda Private Game Reserve, also of KwaZulu-Natal, as part of their lion management strategy. This lion translocation was inspired by a ground-breaking feature documentary – Blood Lions™ which exposed the captive breeding and canned hunting industry. “It is estimated that there are currently between 6,000 to 8,000 predators in captivity in South Africa, mostly living in appalling conditions with inadequate breeding and welfare protocols in place to protect them,” said Dr. Andrew Venter, Wildlands’ CEO and Executive Producer of Blood Lions™. “Furthermore, lion ecologists state that captive breeding plays no role in the conservation of this species, and to date no captive bred, hand reared lions have successfully been rehabilitated into the wild. It is a shame that we now need to refer to lion as either wild or captive, but Wildlands are very proud to say that we have assisted in the expansion of wild lion range through the introduction of this pride onto Somkhanda. This is truly a pride we can be proud of!”

“A central theme of the Blood Lions™ campaign calls for lion conservation to be managed by the recognised conservation community,” said ILCW member Ian Michler, Consultant and Lead Character for Blood Lions™. “The Somkhanda release highlights what this entails: securing suitable habitat and using wild lions from reputable sources in a responsible release programme. Congratulations to Wildlands and their partners for this initiative that increases the range of wild lands in South Africa.”

The translocation process started on the 13th of May at andBeyond Phinda Private Game Reserve and will “end” when the pride are placed in a boma at Somkhanda. The lion will be housed in the boma for approximately 6 - 9 weeks to adjust to their new environment, and Wildlands hope to release them onto the Somkhanda Reserve at the end of July 2017.

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The Urban Birder has
New Website

ILCW member David Lindo (UK) has announced that his Urban Birder organization has a new website. Now you can check out the latest bird watching tours (wonderful for birders and travelers alike), educational programs, and read up on a collection of PDFs of articles about birds in cities around the globe or catch David’s latest blog posts.



Birds Change Frequency to be Heard over Traffic
Birds that are competing with the noise of traffic to heard are changing their song structures says recent research from Washington, D.C. Songbirds that have a smaller range of frequency are raising their minimum frequencies thereby reducing the low frequency overlap with traffic noise. Source: The Wildlife Society

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The Antiquities Act Under Fire

The Antiquities Act was put into effect in 1906 to stop looting of Native American artifacts from archaeological sites. President Theodore Roosevelt signed the act into law and created 18 monuments that included the Grand Canyon. The president of the United States can only make national monuments from land already controlled by the federal government. Congress can convert a national monument into a national park, and has many times in the past. But if the Antiquities Act was rolled back or weakened it would allow extractive industries like oil and gas, mining, and logging to be carried out on once protected land. Who would lose out? The American people would lose, those who would not know these places in their natural state and the animals and other species who live in these natural areas. Source: The New York Times

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Featured Video

Our Future | Narrated by Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman narrates this hopeful, must-watch short film about the need to solve the climate change problem. Video by the United Nations


Past Featured Videos


Calls for Work and Retreats

Alluvian accepts creative nonfiction, science journalism and science narratives, cartoons and art, and/or narrative analysis of data related to sustainability, climate change, the environmental sciences, the human engagement with nature, or other topics about the environment. Authors must be an undergraduate or have graduated with an undergraduate degree within the last 18 months. Accepting submissions for fall issue: Climate Change: And Away We Go! Deadline September 30, 2017.


Sapiens Plurum and ASU's Center for Science and the Imagination's 2017 Earth Day Short Fiction Contest has the theme "Can We Dream Big Enough Dreams?" Cash prizes. Submission window opens April 22nd and closes May 27. 


Futurescape's 2017 writing contest, "Blue Sky Cities," is looking for stories set in the near-future where significant strides have been made in improving air quality and/or climate adaptation.  Stories should blend plot and character with the nuances (positive or negative) of technology, science, politics, and/or policy. No entry fee; prizes range from $500 - $2,000. Deadline is October 13, 2017

The Fourth River has launched Tributaries, a weekly, online publication of "...the brief and the inspiring, that which sustains and takes us through unexpected courses..." Nature or placed based short prose (500 words ), one poem, or one piece of visual art can be submitted here.  Each week we will feature a new piece on the front page of our web site.

Thank you to our source: Adrienne Ross Scanlan

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The Hudson: A River at Risk -- Upcoming Screenings
Jon Bowermaster, ILCW member (USA) and filmmaker has set up a series of screenings about the Hudson River and the environmental dangers it encounters. To see if there is a screening near you (or to schedule one) click here.To see the film trailer click here.




October 2017 Photo tour in  Chile of the Lakes Region and Patagonia, including Torres del Paine National Park with ILCW member Boyd Norton. Boyd is the recipient of the prestigious Ansel Adams Award for Conservation Photography, presented to him in September 2015 by the Sierra Club president. He is the author and photographer of 17 books, including Serengeti: The Eternal Beginning (Fulcrum, 2011) and Conservation Photography Handbook: How to Save the World One Photo at a Time (Amherst Media, 2016) both of which received high praise from Jane Goodall and others. Boyd has been conducting his highly popular photography workshops for 43 years. His workshops have spanned the globe and have included Galapagos Islands, Kenya, Botswana, Rwanda, Siberia, Alaska, Antarctica, Peru, Borneo, Bali, Belize and numerous locales in North America. For information on his scheduled workshops and others planned contact him

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Aug. 28-Sept. 2, 2017
Women River Writing and Sculpting Journey -- Canyonlands National Park, USA

ILCW member Page Lambert (writer) with featured guest, Roxanne Swentzell (sculptor) will journey 6 days and 5 nights down the Colorado River. Attendees will sculpt with their hands, using river clay and materials gathered from the land, and will also sculpt with words. For more information.

Roxanne Swentzell (L) with Page Lambert in front of Swentzell’s sculpture “Mud Woman"

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April 21--May 2, 2018

Weaving Words and Women: A 12-day Peruvian Adventure
ILCW member Page Lambert will take adventurous women to the high Andes of Peru next April. There will be writing, markets, incredible food, horseback riding opportunities, Inca ruins, and more. For details, click here.


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ILCW now on Facebook ILCW members, please check out the ILCW Facebook page and add content.

Tell us what you are working on, what changes you see in the area of conservation (good and bad) in your area, include news from you: have you recently won any awards or accolades? Have you recently published a new book or article or perhaps finished a piece of art, performance piece, photo that glorifies the natural world? This page is for you, please enjoy and generate interest in ILCW and what we do.

ILCW facebook

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Looking for Creative People Who Appreciate Nature

Do you have a friend or a colleague who is passionate about Nature and believes that we should protect what we have for future generations? ILCW welcomes all creative people (not just writers) who use their talent to bring awareness to the plight of our natural world. Have them apply to be an ILCW member at

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Do you have news?

Let us know if you have won an award, written a new book, or launched a creative endeavor to bring awareness to conservation. Chances are the ILCW membership is not aware of these things, so be sure and tell us. Send items


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