The International League of Conservation Writers is a forum to bring writers together from around the world who are writing to promote wilderness, nature, conservation, or using other means to protect and restore the natural areas, habitats, animals, and plants of our planet. ILCW will present periodic writing awards to authors who excel in this field.


Featured Video

Polar Bears discuss Climate Change

Australian Greens Senator Christine Milne teamed up with the animators at Eskimo Productions to present this video of polar bears discussing what causes climate change.

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Photo by Bhavna Menon

A tiger above the rest - A tribute to the Big Bam of the Central Highlands Previously published on her blog.

By Bhavna Menon ILCW member (India)

I first heard of a tiger named Bamera in the summer of 2010, while we were doing a survey in the buffer villages of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. At the time, he had gained notoreity for lifting cattle and had planted a certain degree of fear in the mind of the villagers. "Bahut bada hai sahab, itna bada tiger humne aaj tak nahi dekha" spluttered a villager, a resident of the same village where Bamera got his name from. Located in a beautiful region known as Panpatha, with a huge dam and an ever reaching green landscape, Bamera was as beautiful a tiger and as extravagant as his namesake village.



Roads are killing tigers, wildlife, and those
who don't drive
(This article originally appeared in the dailyO)

By Neha Sinha (India) Fellow
On Saturday night, a young tiger was
killed on a road near Dehradun.

You may think: are there tigers in Dehradun? Where was the tiger going? What were we doing on Saturday night - were we on a road, heading to a party, or on a leafy residential lane, propelling ourselves to a quiet, music-suffused evening at home?

For the more imaginative among us, we could remember tales of animals and beasts that crossed roads in our parent's time, or the joke about the chicken crossing a road. For others, it may seem odd; after all, how many countries in the world can say a tiger was crossing the road?

There are many aspects that are amazing and diverse about our country. Those who use roads - or hate using them, is one of them.



Excerpt from Ruminations at Twilight

By Leslie M. Browning  (USA)  Fellow

The cure for our modern maladies is dirt under the fingernails

and the feel of thick grass between the toes.

The cure for our listlessness is to be out within the invigorating wind.

The cure for our uselessness is to take back up our stewardship;

for it is not that there has been no work to be done,

we simply have not been attending to it.




Photo Tours Announced by Boyd Norton

ILCW co-founder and fellow Boyd Norton has announced three photography workshops in the coming year.

In Wyoming, at the famous Absaroka Ranch near Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, he has two workshops: July 10-16 and September 23-29. The September workshop has one space left (maximum of 12 participants) and the July workshop has three spaces open (maximum of 12 participants).

In January 2017 he has another Tanzania photo safari scheduled, January 31- February 12, 2017. This marks his 32nd year of his very popular Tanzania photo tours.

Also scheduled for 2017 (October) is a photo tour in  Chile of the Lakes Region and Patagonia, including Torres del Paine National Park.

Boyd is the recipient of the prestigious Ansel Adams Award for Conservation Photography, presented to him in September 2015 by the Sierra Club president. He is the author and photographer of 17 books, including Serengeti: The Eternal Beginning (Fulcrum, 2011) and Conservation Photography Handbook: How to Save the World One Photo at a Time (Amherst Media, 2016) both of which received high praise from Jane Goodall and others.

Boyd has been conducting his highly popular photography workshops for 43 years. His workshops have spanned the globe and have included Galapagos Islands, Kenya, Botswana, Rwanda, Siberia, Alaska, Antarctica, Peru, Borneo, Bali, Belize and numerous locales in North America. For information on his scheduled workshops and others planned contact him..


New Film About Fracking from ILCW Member

Dear President Obama is a film

by ILCW member Jon Bowermaster (USA) Fellow

In it fracking, or the extraction of natural gas by drilling deep into the earth and releasing the gas by pumping water, sand, and chemicals at high pressure into the rock below, has come under attack for causing pollution of air, underground water supplies and even earthquakes. Once thought a clean alternative in extracting fossil fuels, the reality points to fracking as being hard on the environment. Bowermaster is showing the film across the US with Q&A sessions after the screening. The purpose is to convince President Obama to join the anti-drilling majority and call for fossil fuels to be left in the ground.

See the trailer.


Do you have news?

Let us know if you have won an award, written a new book, or launched a creative endeavor to bring awareness to conservation. Chances are the ILCW membership is not aware of these things, so be sure and tell us. Send items to:




Video Short takes hard look at Monsanto

This entertaining, but disturbing video from The Current Under, takes a look at chemical giant Monsanto who uses their GMO seed in 80% of the corn and 93% of the soybeans grown in the US. These plants are resistant to the effects of the weed killer that is used in the fields, surviving when the weeds do not. But are there dangers for those who eat the weed killer resistant corn and soybeans?


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“What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.” Mahatma Gandhi

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Some Deadlines are Coming Soon

The Hopper, a new environmentally-focused literary magazine launched by Green Writers Press, is looking for poetry, nonfiction, fiction, and visual art. The Hopper Prize for Young Poets is a fee-based contest that celebrates emerging young poets (35 and younger) interested in nature and "...whose work explores how humans are a congeries of such."  The winning poetry manuscript will be published in September 2016. Full guidelines, deadline July1.

The National Science Foundation's Antarctic Artists and Writers Program provides "operational support" and round-trip, economy air-fare tickets between the U.S. and the Southern Hemisphere to writers and artists whose work requires them to be in the Antarctic to complete specific projects that will increase the American public's understanding and appreciation of the Antarctic and human endeavors on the southernmost continent. Projects should target U.S. audiences and focus on interpreting and representing scientific activities in and/or about the Antarctic (no short-term journalistic projects). Deadline is June 1, 2016 and full guidelines.

Source: thank you to ILCW member (US) Adrienne Ross Scanlan. Check out her blog.



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May 14, 2016

Wheat, Otter, Stone – an Evening of Ecopoetics

Three compelling voices from Scotland and Wales

The voices belong to Susan Richardson, ILCW member (UK) and fellow poets Em Strang and David Mark Williams. In Dumfries, Scotland

More information.

May 14-21, 2016

Northern Serbia Owls and Raptors Sprint Tour. Led by David Lindo, The Urban Birder.


May 22, 2016, 7:30 pm


A wild evening of ecopoetry written and performed by Susan Richardson. Susan is an ILCW member (UK) and will be at the Lancaster Library, Market Square, Lancaster LA1 1HY, in northern England.

June 11, 2016

Writing the Wild workshop

By Susan Richardson and the Wildlife Trust of South & West Wales at the Parc Slip Nature Reserve, Tondu, near Bridgend.

More information.

June 18-26, 2016

Slovenia Beauty and Beasts Spring Tour.

Led by David Lindo, The Urban Birder.


June 20-July 1, 2016

Inaugural Forest Therapy Study Tour

To Japan and South Korea

The goal is to engage in two or more forest therapy program experiences in each country.
For more information

July 10-16, 2016

Photography Workshop at the famous Absaroka Ranch near Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks (US).

For more information

July 30-August 13, 2016

Peru: From the Concrete Jungle to the
Amazon Jungle.

Led by David Lind0o, The Urban Birder.


Sept. 18-25, 2016

Extremadura, Spain: Bustards, Sandgrouse and Vultures!

Led by David Lindo, The Urban Birder and Extremadur-based Martin Kelsey.


September 23-29, 2016

ILCW Boyd Norton Photography Workshop at the famous Absaroka Ranch near Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks (US).

For more information

Sept. 30-Oct. 7, 2016

Autumnal Portugal: Lisbon Estuaries, Alentejo and Algarve Regions.

Led by David Lindo, The Urban Birder and Joao Jara.


Sept. 30-Oct. 11, 2016

A 12-day Peruvian Adventure for
Woman Writers

Space is limited to 12 women

Discover the Sacred Valley, Patacancha, Cusco, and Machu Picchu. Watch the nimble fingers of the women weavers with their vibrant strands of wool. Open the pages of your journal and weave your own tapestry with word. Travel with ILCW member Page Lambert. To find more information about the trip click here.

January 31-February 12, 2017

Tanzania Photo Tour with ILCW member  Boyd Norton. Join Boyd for his 32nd photo tour of Tanzania and the Serengeti. For more information



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ILCW members, please check out the ILCW Facebook page and add content. Tell us what you are working on, what changes you see in the area of conservation (good and bad) in your area, include news from you: have you recently won any awards or accolades? Have you recently published a new book or article or perhaps finished a piece of art, performance piece, photo that glorifies the natural world? This page is for you, please enjoy and generate interest in ILCW and what we do.

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Looking for Creative People Who Appreciate Nature

Do you have a friend or a colleague who is passionate about Nature and believes that we should protect what we have for future generations? ILCW welcomes all creative people (not just writers) who use their talent to bring awareness to the plight of our natural world. Have them apply to be an ILCW member at