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The International League of Conservation Writers is a forum to bring writers together from around the world who are writing to promote wilderness, nature, conservation, or using other means to protect and restore the natural areas, habitats, animals, and plants of our planet. ILCW will present periodic writing awards to authors who excel in this field.

International League of Conservation Writers

Writing to inspire the love of nature and a passion for its protection.


A Yuletide Message from ILCW member Linda Hasselstrom

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May Winter be kind to you, and Spring be always in your heart.

The WILD Foundation Working to Restore Marine Wildness

The Marine Wilderness 10+10 Project (MW), a collaborative effort led by WILD is focused on reversing marine life depletion and habitat decline...and thus restoring wildness. 

Using the first-ever accepted definition of marine wilderness, the MW 10+10 Project is a science-based strategy that uses compelling visual imagery in order to "bring back the wild" to 20 Marine Wilderness Sites using site-based stakeholder teams.

In each MW site, organized teams of stakeholders equipped with project tools and visuals will assess and document site conditions and work to expand protections that integrate ecological well-being with livelihood, cultural, and recreational concerns. The project will equip each team to act as the "first line of defense" by playing a role in developing and enforcing provisions that stop the industrial destruction and pirate plundering of marine life. 

Since its launch at WILD10 in October 2013, the MW 10+10 Project has formed a core team and created partnerships with local communities and stakeholders in 20 chosen marine sites. Sites are along the California Current, in the Gulf of California and Caribbean, along the Gulf coast of Florida, in the Ross Sea and Arctic, in Spain's waters, in the Indian Ocean of the coast of South Africa, and elsewhere around the world.


MW10+10 enhances collaboration between local communities and multiple stakeholders including governments and NGOs, and interests such as fishing, recreation, and tourism. It adds value to conservation investments by generating in-kind contributions of the best science, management and policy expertise and enhances local advocacy, and enforcement of ecological protections. Stunning photography and film strengthens both international concern and the local pride necessary to ignite the political will for change.

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While this particular video is in Thailand, this type of behavior happens in South Africa as well. When vehicles are allowed to drive in areas with wildlife - without a knowledgeable, trained, naturalist guide who understand animal behavior and can interpret signals in body language that an animal displays, vehicles driven by untrained tourists can come into conflict with wildlife.

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Stop the Serengetti Highway

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June 1 6, 2015

The 8th Annual Literature and Landscape of
the Horse Retreat

A unique writing adventure for anyone who yearns for nature, longs to reconnect with horses, and hungers for creative inspiration in an authentic western ranch setting. To be held at the Vee Bar Guest Ranch, Laramie, Wyoming.

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